SAFE Engineering is Canada’s leading Safety Compliance Systems Integration Company. This means that we provide SOLUTIONS, not PROBLEMS. How can we supply solutions when others can only deliver a deficiency list? We have a Multi-Talented Engineering Group comprised of Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Fire and Explosion Protection, Building Code and Project Management engineering specialists. Our engineers are professional engineers, registered in Ontario.

To fulfill the Solutions Promise to our customers, we are structured as 3 separate but closely related groups. They are:


SAFE Engineering Inc. – Dedicated to providing consultative solutions. SAFE Engineering Inc. is the engineering arm of the operation. We specialize in Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs), Plant Audits and Systems Design.

Our approach for handling new equipment is shown below.

New Equipment Systems

SAFE Engineering can guarantee that new equipment arrives on your floor compliant with the current applicable standards. No waiting for consultants to give you a report full of problems after the equipment arrives. Now you can take delivery of your equipment, install it and use it. You will have a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) document signed by an Ontario Professional Engineer that says “My equipment is compliant’. This covers the Liability of Supervisors and Managers. This protects Workers. Would this process save you time and money too? Please call or email us to discuss this process.

Our approach for handling existing equipment is shown below.

Existing Machinery

Let’s ask this question. If a piece of machinery was purchased say 10 years ago, what is the probability that it is compliant with today’s safety standards? The answer is that the probability is very low.

The second answer is sometimes “Well so what, its old, what’s the problem. Nobody ever got hurt on that machine before.” The problem is that manufacturers in Canada are required to be compliant with the current applicable standards, not the standards of years ago. (Please see section on issues brought about by Bill C-45).

There is no such thing as grandfathering. Thus, existing equipment, if it is not compliant with today’s safety standards, represents a significant risk and hidden liability. Since you can not say that you value the health and safety of a worker who operates new equipment more than that of a worker who operates old equipment, then the company shall ensure that all equipment is safe. Safe equipment means equipment that is compliant with today’s standards, whether or not it is old or new. Just as much of a concern is that antiquated, out of date, and/or inconsistent safety solutions render equipment very inefficient. Equipment inefficiency can be substantially improved through effective safety engineering methods. Do you need to reduce Scrap, Equipment Down Time and Injury? Let SAFE help you reduce the Culprit, Human Error, that leads to Procedural Mistakes and Process Variability.

Improved safety leads to an increase in productivity.


SAFE Installations – Dedicated to building and delivering safety systems solutions. All Designs are created in-house by our engineering team. SAFE Installations can then act as a general contractor or can supervise your contractors to ensure that safety solutions are installed properly and machinery is commissioned on time, and on the budget the first time. SAFE Installations will ensure that solutions brainstormed by SAFE Engineering are properly implemented and refined so that even greater Efficiency Benefits are realized.


General Safety Company is a supplier of safety system components, as part of the design solution, to the industry.