Project Management for Machine Safety Systems Upgrades

Project management is a core competency of SAFE. SAFE can provide complete project management for Safety Systems Upgrades.

Business leaders and managers are busier than ever. To save them time and let them focus on what they do best, SAFE can provide complete Turnkey project management, acting as a One-Stop General Contractor.

SAFE will begin the process by working closely with you and your people who best know the operation. The solution design is the basis of any successful project. The solution design’s Technical Requirements will be developed with your people.

Efficiency and user friendly satisfaction are guaranteed.

SAFE will solicit competitive bids, select and manage all the trades people. We will provide continuous supervision and will be available for any troubleshooting to ensure that projects are on time and on budget. SAFE will be present for the entire start up and commissioning process. We can even provide the Safety System and Lockout and Tag out training required before a new safety system is put into operation.

We are also happy to use your favourite contractors and manage the machine safety upgrade process with the same care and quality.

Once the safety system is successfully implemented, SAFE will provide a report, Signed and Sealed by an Ontario Professional Engineer stating that the machine or process is now compliant to the current applicable standards. We absorb this liability for our customer as part of their Corporate Governance, Corporate Due Diligence and Business Risk Reduction Strategies.

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