Purchasing Specification

When a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is required, the owner, lessee or employer shall issue the PSR report to a joint health and safety committee and ensure that the report is issued before the machine or process becomes operational.

S.A.F.E. Engineering has made it possible for the purchaser to pass the responsibility of PSRs to their suppliers through S.A.F.E Engineering before the shipment is accepted. This is a unique purchasing specification approach.

The professionals of S.A.F.E. Engineering will have a two-fold interaction with both the supplier and the end user at the time the equipment is manufactured. They will guide the supplier on local compliance needs and coordinate with the end user for any potential issues. With the PSR accompanying the equipment at the time of delivery, it will be ready for operations once installed. S.A.F.E. Engineering will assume the associated liability of the process.

The suppliers enrolled with our PSR program can promote their ability to provide ready-to-begin equipment before their clients, leading to enhanced marketing of their brand.

Following is a typical purchasing specification that is to be sent to all machine suppliers to initiate the Purchasing Specification approach.

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