Basics to Know About Flammable Liquids to Keep the Employees Safe

An efficient safety program focuses on control measures associated with flammable liquid safety. But most safety managers disregard the potential dangers of handling flammable liquids.

From liquid fuels to degreasers, flammable solutions can cause serious health hazards. But there are basic requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety guideline to regulate its maintenance and storage.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Handle and Store Flammable Liquids

Different varieties of flammable substances can start a fire in a workplace. Knowing how to store such materials can prevent serious threats. If you use flammable and explosive substances, you should be aware of potential hazards caused by different flammable substances, standards applicable to its safe handling and storage, and procedures for preventing accidents and exposure.

Industries dealing with hazardous materials have to adhere to safety guidelines for every process. While handling and storing flammable liquids, it’s important to also follow certain protocols.

For instance, you can transfer flammable liquids into approved safety cans for liquids storage that include a spring closing lid alongside a spout cover. Such a design ensures there is no internal pressure during a fire or high-temperature conditions.

As a result, such regulations ensure you can avoid major hazards in the workplace. Whether you’re an oil refining unit or a power plant, handling and storing flammable liquids requires expertise.

Here are some basic guidelines.

Storing Flammable Liquids in Cabinets

Finding a suitable cabinet for storing flammable liquids is not an easy task. But with the right solutions in place, you can achieve your goal faster.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of flammable liquids. Common examples include solvents, adhesives, cleaners, paint, or gasoline. This means the chemical is dangerous in both liquid and vapor forms.

The design of a cabinet for flammable liquids storage should be compliant with safety and health requirements. Other mandates include:

  • An accurate design that ensures proper flow when you drain or fill the container
  • Good ventilation practices to ensure proper gas dispersal during a leak
  • Removal of ignition sources, welding equipment, and cutting tools
  • Safety measures in the form of vents and self-closing faucets and latches
  • Supervised training to employees on handling and storing flammable liquids

Disposing of Flammable Liquids

To exercise safe disposal of hazardous liquids, always rely on a professional service. Such experts can provide environment-friendly solutions for removing flammable liquids. They will ensure the waste bags are properly marked and labelled. Additionally, field technicians help you package the flammable liquid in the right container.

Hire an Expert for Safe Handling & Storage

Regulations for flammable liquid safety are critical to a point. For this reason, manufacturers design a range of cabinets that vary in size, shape, and configuration. If you need help storing flammable liquids, get in touch with S.A.F.E Engineering. Our team of experts can guide you to the right cabinet.

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