Common Machine Guarding Mistakes That Must Be Avoided By Manufacturers

Today, many manufacturing companies use the most advanced machines available. However, that doesn’t automatically eliminate potential risks to employees and contractors. This is where machine safety specialists can help.

Why Information From Machine Safety Consultants Matters

Even a small accident in the manufacturing environment can prove disastrous. When things go wrong, there’s a risk of someone sustaining a serious injury or, worse, losing their life. Something like this can also bring an entire company’s operations to a halt. An accident can cost a business millions of dollars, not to mention a damaged reputation.

Machine safety specialists work alongside the management team of manufacturing companies. The goal is to ensure the implementation of all proper safety measures. This protects employees and contractors. It also helps prevent any interruption in operations and lost revenue.

Common Mistakes Manufacturers Make

A reputable safety consultant in Toronto and any other city/area in Ontario has developed a list of the most common errors seen in the manufacturing industry.

Machine Interactions – Unfortunately, most of the plans for plant risk assessment and reduction currently in place don’t account for all the different types of interactions with machinery. Falling short of what they should be, these plans create an unexpected safety risk.

Incorrect Safety Device Mounting and Installation – The best machine safety consultants note that this is an all-too-common occurrence. This covers improper wiring of laser scanners, a safe zone that’s too small, and similar issues. The biggest problem here is it gives employees a false sense of safety.

Lack of Performance Knowledge – Many manufacturing companies misinterpret Performance Level D or Category 3 circuit performance according to ISO 713849-1. They believe that meeting this equates to a safe machine.

No Secondary Safeguards – Not implementing secondary safeguards is yet another common mistake of machine guarding specialists. Two examples include the lack of supported procedures for a safety-rated control scheme or sensing devices.

Machine Operation and Maintenance – As noted by a top safety consultant in Toronto and any other city/area in Ontario, maintenance staff often overrides safeguards. This occurs when clearing a jammed machine or when conducting standard cleaning.

Not Detecting a Slack in the Line – When slack in a line occurs, manufacturers need to have a rope-pull emergency stop. However, machine safety consultants found this isn’t always the case. Without this, the rope-pull could work but only for certain conditions.

Using Standard PLCs – The issue here is that in some manufacturing companies, employees turn off or ignore safety functions when performing “non-hazardous” machine tasks. However, even this portion of the work comes with safety risks.

Not Including Hydraulic and Pneumatic Functions – In a machine’s safety circuit, some employees don’t include these two functions.

The Bottom Line

All manufacturing companies should implement proper safety protocols, followed by providing ongoing training. Without doing so, they put their operations at risk. S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. is a trusted safety consultant in Toronto and any other city/area in Ontario. We have years of experience helping manufacturers improve machine safety. For more information or to schedule an assessment, contact a company representative today.

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