Owner’s Engineer – Technical Due Diligence

The Law in Ontario requires that employers and supervisors “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances” to protect workers under their employ. Taking “every precaution reasonable” is also understood as Technical Due Diligence.

To understand the legal requirements associated with the achievement of Technical Due Diligence one must ask the following questions:

  •   What does taking “every precaution reasonable” mean?
  •   Reasonable to whom?

These questions can be answered in Ontario’s Legislative Technical Standards.

A workplace that implements the proper technical standards will have satisfied the due diligence requirements; Compliance with the technical standards represents the ‘Best Engineering Practices.’

Technical Due Diligence Should Be Exercised:

  •   When purchasing new Equipment and Processes
  •   When plant Relocation and Consolidation occurs
  •   Before Mergers and Acquisitions are undertaken

The Lack of Technical Due Diligence Can Cause:

  •   Personal and Corporate Liabilities
  •   Massive cost overruns from Change Orders
  •   Delays from Government Authorities

Owner’s Engineer

An “Owner’s Engineer” is a professional engineering firm that understands the technical standardsand their application to your workplace. Also, an “Owner’s Engineer” guarantees that employers and supervisors achieve Technical Due Diligence.  The “Owner’s Engineer”advocates for and protects the owner’s business interests.

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