PHSR : Pre-start Health and Safety Review Ontario

PHSR Legislation, Section 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

It is the law in Ontario and Nova Scotia that before workers can operate any machinery, equipment or processes in complex or hazardous situations, an employer must first have a report prepared by a professional engineer stating what measures need to be taken in order to ensure that the equipment or process is safe.

This report is called a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR/PHSR). Employers, owners or lessees must complete or implement the recommendations in the review so that equipment is compliant to the current applicable standards before it is used.

This sounds like good old common sense and pretty straight forward at that. Then why has it proven to be so difficult and time consuming to implement?

PHSR Ontario

There are 3 key elements that make or break PSR process. All 3 must be present and in your favor. They are:

Timing – First and foremost, this process must begin at the design phase of the equipment procurement process. It is more expensive to modify a new machine that has arrived on your floor.

At SAFE we pioneered what is called the Purchasing Specification Approach to new equipment compliance. This is a process by which your purchasing documentation specifies that the equipment must arrive PHSR Compliant to Ontario’s standards. The OEM is directed to contact SAFE Engineering so that we can guide them through the process.  We will ensure that the equipment arrives on time, compliant, user friendly and efficient according to Ontario standards. Click here to see Purchasing Specification Approach.

Ability – who has the ability to spot safety omissions early in the process? Just as important, who can provide a simple solution so that the project, the deliverables and the critical path are not affected? People building your equipment often do not understand our unique codes and standards. Solutions must be thoroughly explained to them so any changes are easy for them to implement. At SAFE we have the engineering talent to help your OEM achieve compliance.

Motivation – who is looking after your best interest?

This process, like so many others that are mission critical to your business, needs to be managed and managed by you, so that your best interests are protected and that you personally, your employees and your company are protected. We are a junior partner, acting in your best interest, to eliminate these problems. By dealing directly with the OEM at the design phase, we push costs away from you and downstream to your suppliers where they belong.

We have the motivation to look after your best interests.

When PHSR – Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews in Ontario Are Required

PSR Report is required under the following circumstances:

PHSR- Ontario-Storage and Dispensing of Flammable Liquids

When certain quantities of flammable liquids are stored or dispensed. The requirements of the Ontario Fire Code, Part 4, applies to flammable and combustible liquids.

PHSR- Ontario-Machine Guarding

When safeguarding devices signal an apparatus to stop. Examples of these include: light curtains, safety mats, two hand control systems and barrier guards that use inter-locking mechanical or electrical safeguarding devices.

PHSR- Ontario-Potentially Explosive Processes

When there are any processes involving flammable liquids or combustible liquids heated above their flash point and processes where flammable gases or combustible dust are potentially explosive.

PHSR- Ontario-Dust Collectors

When there are any processes involving the handling of combustible dusts, such as flour, chocolate powder, paint or wood dust or where a dust collector or filter receiver is required and may create a condition of imminent hazard to a worker.

PHSR- Ontario-Molten Metal and Foundries

In cases where a factory produces aluminum or steel or a foundry that melts material or handles molten material.

PHSR- Ontario-Lifting Devices

In instances where construction, addition, installation or modification relates to lifting devices, traveling cranes or automobile hoists.

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