System Design

How do you build it right the first time? Measure twice, cut once and ask to make sure you are measuring the right stuff.

This is our Design Philosophy at SAFE – It is much, much easier for us to just impose a design solution.  After all, we have done this before. Right??  Wrong!!  Even if it’s equipment that we have seen many times before, only you are you, just the same as, only your operators and people work the way they do.

When it comes to system design, particularly on older existing equipment, the Devil is in the Details. This is why SAFE takes the time to involve your operators, maintenance and engineering staff in the solutions development process. The first step in the process is the development of the Solutions’ Technical Requirements. This is the intensely consultative stage where we both brainstorm and agree on how the safety solutions should look, work, behave, cost etc. This is the basis for all further design and build efforts.

SAFE can provide design for:

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic safety systems.
  • Fire Code and Explosion safety systems, Rooms and Structures.
  • Structural Support Elements, Racking, Mezzanines.
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