What Ministry of Labour Looks for a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review?

In Ontario, Canada, the Ministry of Labour requires companies to have a specific workplace health and safety assessment performed. This covers any equipment and processes that pose a potential risk. Keep in mind that the pre-start health and safety review covers virtually any type of danger or hazard.

What’s Included As Part of the Pre-Start Health and Safety?

The pre-startup safety review helps organizations identify possible risks, so they can mitigate them. The following are some of the specific things this review focuses on.

  • Flammable Liquids

Canadian officials mandate this type of review whenever storing or dispensing flammable liquids in a room, area, or building. The goal is to determine the compliance of processes with the current health and safety regulations. If not compliant, the pre-start health and safety review outlines the required steps to achieve it.

  • Safeguarding Devices

This is another aspect of the pre-startup safety review. In this case, a qualified expert ensures that devices have an appropriate stop signal. Following are some examples of this:

  • Radiofrequency system
  • Area scanning safeguarding system
  • Safety light screens and curtains
  • Safety mat system
  • Two-hand tripping system
  • Two-hand control system
  • Single or multiple beam signals
  • Capacitance safeguarding system.

An expert makes sure that organizations have barrier guards in place that utilize electrical or mechanical safeguarding devices. In the generated report, not only does the professional detail specific risks, but they also provide the correct measures to become compliant.

  • Stacking or Rack Structure

The review for pre-start health and safety focuses on both stacking and rack structures, as well. For racks designed and tested in line with current standards, this part of the review isn’t required.

  • Processes With a Risk of Explosion or Ignition

Manufacturers must have this review done for any process with a risk of explosion or ignition. The goal of the pre-startup safety review is to prevent accidents that lead to injury or death. For instance, companies handling or dispensing flammable liquids or highly ignitable sprays must ensure the safety of their operations. Some examples include:

  1. Painting operations
  2. Molten aluminum dust
  3. Material or chemical interactions with solid metals and molten
  • Dust Collector

The review for pre-start health and safety is also required for manufacturers that use a dust collector with serious risk of explosion or ignition. Again, an experienced professional looks for specific risks and then provides information to become compliant. That, in turn, dramatically reduces the risk of an accident.

  • Handling of Molten Material

Whether a steel factory, foundry, or aluminum factory, any organization handling molten must have a pre-startup safety review performed. Along with the risk of explosion or ignition, these work environments are often loud. That only adds to a potential problem.

Turning to a Trusted Source

At S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc., we offer a comprehensive pre-start health and safety review of machinery, processes, and other aspects of the manufacturing operations. After conducting a full inspection, our team outlines the necessary steps toward full compliance with all applicable Canadian laws and regulations. Contact us today for more information or schedule a review of your business.

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