One-fifth of the world’s carbon emissions come from the manufacturing and production sectors.

For many companies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefits the bottom line because efficient practices reduce operating costs and help increase employee productivity. No matter the industry, reducing organisational downtime is a key component to maximising overall efficiency and productivity. It also benefits the environment.

In fact, a majority of North American workers would be more satisfied in a job where they can make a social or environmental impact on the world. A recent study shows that millennials especially see businesses as potential partners in helping them make the world a better place.

These decision-makers are also looking for this in their supply chains. More and more, companies want to buy from suppliers that demonstrate lower GHG (Green House Gases) emission programs.

At S.A.F.E Engineering Inc we are committed to helping our clients turn their liabilities associated with running industrial equipment and processes into increased safety and productivity for their workers. We also care about the environment. This is why we will donate the planting of 7 trees to Tree Canada. A certificate in the client’s name will be sent to each client. This will be a contribution towards compensation of their carbon emissions.



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