Cost effective Safety System Design

Cost effective safety system design needs to be a consultative process. SAFE starts the design process by working with the client to establish a budget for the project. The consultative design process can then develop solutions that stay within the budget.

Further cost efficiencies are achieved through our Tender Management Process. This is a process where the consultatively developed safety system design drawings (complete with a detailed bill of material list) are used and the basis for a competitive tender process.

A competitive tender can reduce upgrade proposal costs by as much as 20 to 30%. With a detailed design drawing, costly change orders are all but eliminated

Project Management of Safety Upgrades

At SAFE we are experts in safety system upgrades. We can manage the upgrade process such that costly equipment downtime is minimized or eliminated. We ensure that contractors arrive on site, on-time and that workmanship is top notch.

If there are any questions or changes required we are onsite to make engineering and compliance decision instantly.

Project management always includes start up, commissioning, function safety system testing and a PSHR report signed and sealed by fully insured Ontario Professional Engineer(s).

Turnkey Safety System Upgrades

At SAFE, we can do the job Turn Key. We can manage, quality control, procure, install, start up, commission and provide a PSHR report signed and sealed by fully insured Ontario Professional Engineer(s). Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fire code or structural, we can do it all.

We have expert senior project management engineers on staff

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