Owner’s Engineer Services – Combining Compliance Issues under one Umbrella

The law in Ontario requires that employers and supervisors “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances” to protect workers under their employ. “Taking every precaution reasonable” is also understood as technical due diligence.

To understand the legal requirements associated with the achievement of technical due diligence one may ask the following questions:

  • What does taking “every precaution reasonable” mean?
  • Reasonable to whom?

The answers to these questions can be found within industry technical standards. Reasonable means reasonable to your peers in your industry. Your industry peers will use your industry technical standards as reasonable practice for your industry. Compliance with the technical standards represents the best engineering practices. A workplace that implements the proper technical standards will have satisfied the due diligence requirement.

When should this Technical Due Diligence be exercised?

  1. When purchasing new equipment and processes.
  2. When plan relocation and consolidation occurs.
  3. Before mergers and acquisitions are undertaken.

The lack of Technical Due Diligence can cause:

  1. Personal and corporate liabilities
  2. Massive cost overruns from change orders
  3. Delays from Government authorities

An “Owner’s Engineer I as professional engineering firm that understands the Technical standards and their application to you workplace. An Owner’s Engineer guaranties that employers and supervisors achieve Technical Due Diligence. The Owner’s Engineering advocates and for and protects the Owner’s business Interests.

This Technical Due Diligence can include the following engineering service under one umbrella

Electrical Safety authority (ESA approval)

SAFE will facilitate ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) approval. SAFE will examine the electrical bill of material list to ensure only CSA, CUL approved components are used. SAFE will specify wiring and current limiting device criteria for Canadian Electrical Code compliance. SAFE will then arrange for ESA inspection and approval of the equipment and electrical panels.

Technical Standards and Safety Approval

SAFE will facilitate TSSA (Technical Standards Safety Authority) approval. SAFE will examine the bill of material list to ensure only properly rated pressure piping, components and vessels are used in the process construction. SAFE will specify the current applicable safety codes and standards for material and construction that must be followed. SAFE will then arrange for TSSA inspection and approval.

Ministry of Environment Permits

SAFE will facilitate Ministry of Environment permits such as Certificate of Discharge of air, water, and noise, generated as a result of various industrial processes

Municipal Building Permits

SAFE will identify and arrange for any Municipal Building Permits required for building and equipment modifications or construction. Permitting is a critical step in many building/equipment projects. It is often the key component of the project’s critical path. SAFE will ensure the permit application is complete with all required drawings, documentation and forms. SAFE will submit the completed permit application/documentation package to the municipality to secure the permit as fast as possible. Permitting is required when constructing or making changes to buildings such as ventilation systems, fire separations, explosion relief and building occupancy changes.

Occupational Health and Safety Reviews

An organization’s Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is just as important as the compliance of building, equipment and processes. SAFE Engineering has experience in Occupational Health and Safety Systems. As a first step, we review your procedures, your training and your documentation. SAFE will then provide specific recommendations to make your Occupational Health and Safety System even more effective and more compliant.

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