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For many industries in Ontario, a workplace health and safety review is not a luxury, but a requirement. The aim is to identify potential risks, document them and then make the necessary corrections. In order to do this and keep your company compliant, S.A.F.E. Engineering can customize a health and safety program for you. The right safety upgrades to equipment and machinery will boost productivity and efficiency, improve employee morale and save valuable time and money.

In order for our qualified engineers to create this type of program, we would need to carry out a health and safety assessment of your Ontario business. Based on the results, we would develop a health and safety compliance program for the workplace.

As Canada’s leading provider of safety compliance systems integration, we will develop a health and safety program that addresses multiple issues. Here are some examples of how we can help protect companies and keep them in compliance with current Canadian laws and regulations.

  • Machine Guarding – This covers safety lockout, and robotic health & safety procedures in the workplace.
  • Hazardous Processes – Including combustible dusts and flammable liquids, is dangerous for workers and goes against the workplace health and safety.
  • Dust Explosion – is the rapid combustion of fine particles suspended in the air in an enclosed area, such as dust collector, is ignited, causing very fast combustion and release of gaseous goods. The most convenient way to provide protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace is to install explosion reliefs such as vents, bursting panels, explosion doors or, alternately, explosion expression systems.
  • Molten Metal and foundries – Foundry is a metal casting plant. The metal is formed by melting in liquid from intense heat, and then the liquid is poured into a mold to remove the mold material.  Cast iron and aluminum are the most common metals. Health and safety managers must assess the danger to employees owing to molten metal sparks and vulnerability to infrared and ultraviolet rays that may happen and pose health risk to workers’ eyes.
  • Lifting Devices – relates to addition, installation or modification, traveling cranes and or automobile hosts on a construction site. Operators of these devices must be properly trained through the health and safety program in the workplace to mitigate health risk to workers.
  • Occupational Exposure to hazardous Substances – is a method that utilizes or generates a substance that may cause workers to be exposed to the substance, such as silica isocyanates and asbestos, which is why the health and safety program is compulsory.
  • Flammable Liquids – Covers storage, dispensing and process also hazardous location classification. Flammables if not handled properly can cause catastrophic fires which can lead to serious burn injuries. It is important for health and safety managers in Ontario to invest the time and thought to the dangers associated with storing and handling flammables.
  • Customized Solutions – We never offer our customers a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we will tailor a workplace health and safety compliance program to your needs with a view of increasing your productivity in Ontario.
  • Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Process Management – We look for and identify potential risks within the workplace, followed by delivering an extensive report on the appropriate remedies.

The workplace health and safety audit that we provide our Ontario customers, includes a hazard analysis technique and recommendation. At S.A.F.E. Engineering, we believe in getting participants involved in the creation of a health and safety program.

As a result, we see a dramatic improvement in the quality of the solution developed during the auditing phase. In other words, our customers become part of the overall strategy. That makes them more aware and accountable for workplace health and safety.

Let Us Create a Powerful Compliance Program

Our team at S.A.F.E. Engineering would appreciate the chance to conduct a workplace health and safety assessment of your Ontario Company, and to create a compliance program based on the results. You can learn more about the services by browsing our website or by calling us.

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