Health and Beauty Safety Engineering Services

Health and Beauty is an exciting, competitive and ever-changing industry. Companies in the Health and Beauty industry face potential risks daily. Between-laboratory processes, chemical handling, high-speed material handling, and complex rotary filling and decorating lines, ensuring a safe work environment is a significant responsibility. At S.A.F.E. Engineering, we provide excellent Health and Safety engineering services to our customers to help them adapt and thrive in a challenging business environment.

With a team of experienced and dedicated engineers, we perform regularly review new and existing machinery and processes in our customers’ facilities. We then work together closely to develop a strategy for correcting safety compliance issues and monitoring the results. Our group of dedicated engineering design specialists provides one-stop shopping. From the latest high-speed robotic, Machine Guarding to Flammable Liquids in formulations to potentially explosive powder fillers. We can handle all of that for you.

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