Machine Risk Ratings: Ensuring Industrial Safety with Compliance

Welcome to SAFE Engineering Inc., your trusted partner in safety compliance solutions for manufacturing operations. As a prominent Canadian safety compliance systems integration company, we specialize in providing complete protection through consulting, risk management, design integration, project management, and turnkey equipment retrofit services.

Enhancing Workplace Safety with Machine Risk Ratings

By recognizing the importance of machine risk ratings, companies can enhance workplace safety, protect their employees, and safeguard equipment.

  • Machine risk ratings are necessary to conduct proper machine guarding assessment in order to safeguard the worker
  • Implementing appropriate machine guarding systems based on risk minimizes accidents and injuries
  • Effective and compliant machine guarding ensures compliance with safety regulations
  • Investing in machine guarding assessment fosters a safer work environment and prevents costly incidents

Complying with Machine Guarding Regulations

To maintain a safe working environment and meet legal obligations, it is essential to adhere to machine-guarding regulations. Organizations must comply with specific requirements and guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as OHSA (Ontario Health and Safety Act and Regulations) Failure to comply can result in severe penalties and, more importantly, endanger the lives of employees.

The following sections under Ontario Regulation 851, Industrial Establishments apply:

  • Section 7, PSHR
  • Section 24: Where a machine has an exposed moving part that may endanger the safety of any worker, the machine shall be equipped with and guarded by a guard or other device that prevents access to the moving part.
  • Section 25: An in-running nip hazard or any part of a machine, that may endanger the safety of any worker shall be equipped with and guarded by a guard or other device that prevents access to the pinch point.
  • Section 26: A machine shall be shielded or guarded so that the product, material being processed or waste stock will not endanger the safety of any worker.

Our Expertise in Industrial Machine Safety Standards

At SAFE Engineering Inc., we have a team of highly skilled engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical, structural, fire & explosion protection, building code, and project management. Their expertise allows us to provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients, including PHSR, plant audits, and systems design for both new and existing equipment.

Our Process: Ensuring Comprehensive Compliance

When you choose SAFE Engineering Inc., you can expect a streamlined process that ensures comprehensive compliance with machine guarding standards. Our approach involves the following steps:

  • Initial Assessment: We conduct a thorough assessment of your facility, machinery, and existing safety measures to identify areas that require improvement.
  • Design Integration: Our team collaborates with you to develop customized machine guarding systems that seamlessly integrate with your equipment and workflows.
  • Risk Management: We prioritize risk management by identifying potential hazards, assessing their severity, and implementing effective control measures to mitigate risks.

Why Choose SAFE Engineering Inc.?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises experienced engineers with diverse backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safety compliance.
  • Turnkey Solutions: We offer turnkey equipment retrofit services, providing end-to-end support from concept to completion.
  • Contact us and prioritize industrial safety through compliance with machine guarding requirements and regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and take the first step towards a safer and more efficient workplace.

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