PSR/PSHR Legislation, Section 7 of the Ontario Regulation for Industrial Establishments (O.Reg 851)

A pre-start health and safety review (PSR/PSHR) is an in-depth examination of an apparatus, structure, protective element or process identified in the section 7 table of O. Reg 851 that is undertaken to identify any potential or existing non-compliance with the applicable Codes and Standards. The PSR/PSHR includes a written report that outlines all areas of non-compliance and the measures necessary to achieve compliance (steps, actions or engineering controls).

This report is called a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR/PSHR). Employers, owners or lessees must complete or implement the recommendations in the review so that equipment is compliant to the current applicable standards before it is used.

When PSR/PSHR – Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews in Ontario Are Required

PSR/PHSR- Ontario-Storage and Dispensing of Flammable Liquids

A PSR/PSHR is required when flammable liquids are located or dispensed in a building, room or area.

PSR/PSHR- Ontario-Machine Guarding

A pre-start health and safety review (PSR/PSHR) is required when any one of the following is used as a protective element in connection with an apparatus

  1. Safeguarding devices that signal the apparatus to stop, including but not limited to safety light curtains and screens, area scanning safeguarding systems, radio frequency systems and capacitance safeguarding systems, safety mat systems, two-hand control systems, two-hand tripping systems and single or multiple beam systems.
  2. Barrier guards that use interlocking mechanical or electrical safeguarding devices.

PSR/PSHR- Ontario- Racks and Racking Systems

When Material is placed or being stored on a structure that is a rack or stacking structure. The most common examples in the warehouse area of the plant are:

  • industrial pallet racks
  • moveable shelf racks
  • stacker racks
  • drive-in and drive-through racks, and
  • cantilever racks.

They are made of cold-formed, hot-rolled steel, wood, aluminum or concrete structural members.

PSR/PSHR- Ontario-Potentially Explosive Processes

A PSR/PSHR is required if a process involves the risk of ignition or explosion that creates a condition of imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety. Examples of such process include processing of flammable liquids or combustible liquids heated above their flash point or flammable gases or combustible dusts in suspension.

PSR/PHSR- Ontario-Dust Collectors

A PSR/PSHR would be required when the use of a dust collector or filter receiver in processes involving the handling of combustible/conductive  dusts, such as flour, chocolate powder, paint or wood dust, aluminum or other metal dusts may create a condition of imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety.

PSR/PSHR- Ontario-Molten Metal and Foundries

A PSR/PSHR would be required when a factory produces aluminum or steel, or is a foundry that melts material or handles molten material.

PSR/PSHR- Ontario-Lifting Devices

A PSR/PSHR is required when the construction, addition, installation or modification relates to a lifting device, travelling crane or automobile hoist.

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