Superior Wood Processing Safety Engineering

Within the wood processing industry are many risks, including fire and explosion caused by combustible dust. At S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc., we offer our customers a comprehensive wood processing safety engineering service, to ensure maximum control and protection. Whether a furniture manufacturing plant, or a wood processing business, our goal is to characterize, prevent, and mitigate damage.

To ensure woodworking machine safety, our professional engineering team reviews current processes and machinery. We also perform a variety of additional assessments including onsite dust hazard. Also, as part of that, we assess the moisture content in the work environment dust, as well as the severity of risk for an explosion, particle size, and ignition sensitivity. Based on the findings, we develop a cost-efficient strategy for fire & explosion prevention.

Included in our wood processing safety engineering services are project management support, and maintenance of a safe work environment, and to stay compliant with laws and regulations by utilizing the services that we provide at S.A.F.E. Engineering.

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