What is Contract Packaging?

Contact packaging is an intense high speed fast paced industry. It is also very demanding and multi-faceted. Just look at all of the different types of consumer packing out there!

Contract Packaging requires expert knowledge in the safety requirements of a multitude of packaging technologies. There are machine guarding requirements for high speed rotary-equipment used in bottle molding, extrusion, labelling, printing, capping, filling, sorting and other high speed decorating. There are fire code and explosion safety issues when dust is collected or flammable inks are used.

The safety solutions must accommodate high speeds, frequent quality checks, frequent access and superfast change over. Increased downtime is not acceptable!

At SAFE Engineering, we thrive in this challenging environment by having seasoned Ontario Professional Engineers in each engineering discipline. We have fully insured mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, structural, project management and fire code/explosion safety engineering specialists. Our focus in on ensuring that your new incoming capital equipment arrives compliant to the current applicable safety standards. For your existing equipment, we focus on developing compliant safety solutions that are not only compliant but also user-friendly and operationally efficient.

Let SAFE Engineering help you with your packaging equipment safety needs.

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