Expert Chemical Safety Engineering Services

When it comes to safety, the chemical industry has several unique challenges. As an industry leader in chemical safety engineering, S.A.F.E. Engineering performs onsite assessment of facilities to determine what the risks are. We also look for compliance issues and ensure our customers maintain appropriate documentation required by law.

As professional chemical process safety management consultants with many years of experience, we focus on even the smallest details. Our team of engineers possesses expertise in a variety of operations associated with the chemical industry. With extensive knowledge of relevant business matters including regulatory requirements, we can customize a solution that reduces or eliminates safety risks based on your specific needs and budget.

For the chemical industry, maintaining a safe work environment, following safe practices, and using machinery in a safe manner are paramount. With our chemical safety engineering services, we help companies of all sizes strengthen their overall safety performance. Whether dealing with industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flammables, toxic or corrosives, plastics and resins, or something entirely different, we have the experience and expertise that you need to create and maintain a safe and compliant operation.

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