How to Conduct a Machine Risk Assessment

Depending on the company—more specifically, on its available time and employees’ qualifications—some do in-house risk assessments. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it could create some problems. That’s why a lot of businesses rely on a trusted source, one that specializes in things like machine guarding assessments.

What Does a Risk Assessment Entail?

A risk assessment consists of several processes. Combined, they help experts identify different types of health and safety risks within work environments. However, these experts also perform analyses of potential risks, generate detailed customer reports, and provide recommendations regarding appropriate risk remedies.

Whether the assessment includes machine guarding services or some other type of equipment protection, the goal is always the same. That’s to quickly identify workplace dangers, followed by eliminating them. That dramatically reduces the risk of an employee sustaining a serious injury or worse.

Why Does a Risk Assessment Matter?

Preventing serious injuries is just one benefit of machine guarding assessments. Below are some additional ways that installing machine guarding in an Ontario business significantly improves the workplace.

  • Employee Awareness – Risk assessment is an excellent way to educate your employees while at the same time making them more aware of their surroundings at work. Getting them involved will make it easier for them to spot a small problem before it turns into something major.
  • Possible Target – Although unintentional, some employees face greater risks than others. As a perfect example, machine operators. Not only do they work all around machines, but they often also clean and maintain them. However, machines with moving parts pose a real danger. This is when a company that provides machine guarding services will help. An expert from that source will assess the type of guards needed to ensure optimal workplace safety and performance.
  • Machine Modification or Upgrade – As part of machine guarding services, a representative determines if a customer needs a different type of machine or perhaps modifications to the equipment they already operate.
  • Staying Compliant – The companies that perform assessments for machine guarding in Ontario always make the employees’ health and safety the priority. However, the experts also want to ensure their customers stay compliant with Canada’s current regulations. Otherwise, they could pay hefty fines or even face shutdowns.

Professional Machine Guarding Assessments

To enjoy all the benefits of machine guarding services, contact us at S.A.F.E. Engineering, Inc. With years of experience and vast knowledge of the health and safety field, we can perform an assessment to identify risks. Based on our findings, we’ll then provide you with recommendations to eliminate them.

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