How to Secure Your Operations & Increase Workforce Productivity?

It’s essential to follow regulatory procedures and safe practices to enhance workplace productivity. To secure operations at your production facility, consider machine guarding in Ontario.

The CCOHS (Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety) regards machine guarding as a standard procedure. Here’s why it’s important.

What is Machine Guarding?

Machine guarding is a necessary measure to take in any manufacturing setting. It is a physical barrier between the manufacturing floor and a moving machine. It secures a production facility against potential accidents. Various types of machine guards are:

  • Fixed guards—These guards secure non-moving parts of a machine. The guards are attached to the machine or equipment permanently. They secure your workforce against non-contact hazards.
    Adjustable guards—Though these guards are fixed, they can still be adjusted to a certain extent. Only authorized personnel can adjust these guards. They also receive specific training on their use.
  • Self-locking guards—As the name suggests, self-locking guards automatically adapt to the size of the material. The design may include sensors that open and shut the guards when a machine is in use.
  • Interlocking guards—Also known as barrier guards, these guards come in the form of wire mesh fencing. With wire mesh covering, you can clearly see parts of the machine when it’s being operated.

Boost Workplace Productivity with Machine Guarding

Every manufacturing facility must exercise safety measures before starting or finishing an operation. Such practices help safeguard your workforce against occupational hazards. Here’s why machine guarding is a smart investment.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is a key element for your workforce to remain safe. According to the law, machine guarding is essential for any moving part of a machine. To run a lucrative operation, you must follow current regulations for machine guarding.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Every kind of machine needs some form of upkeep. Machine guards help contain debris, dust, sparks, and other materials. The process improves your machine’s longevity, keeps it clean, and creates a safer work environment.

Keep Employees Safe

Moving parts of a machine can cause severe workplace injuries, especially when it’s a manufacturing unit. Your first line of defense is a machine guarding system. It reduces risks posed by automated machinery and its moving parts.

If you don’t understand how machine guarding works, speak to an expert. Get a free estimate from experts specializing in machine guarding, risk assessment, and compliance.

Make Your Workplace Safe and Compliant

If you’re looking for machine guarding specialists, we’re here to help. At S.A.F.E Engineering, we know how important machine guarding is for your production unit. Above all, our experts can keep you compliant with the law.

We can customize a machine guarding system specific to your needs. For more information about our services, give us a call!

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