Overlooked Causes of Workplace Fires and How to Avoid Them

Flammable liquid safety is a common sight in many workplaces, from factories to laboratories, and is often used for various purposes. However, their improper handling and storage can pose a serious risk of fire and explosion, causing significant property damage, injury, or even loss of life.

In this article, we will explore the overlooked causes of workplace fires related to flammable liquids and how to prevent them.

Improper Storage and Handling of Flammable Liquids

One of the most common causes of workplace fires is improper storage and handling of flammable liquids. Flammable liquids are highly volatile and can ignite quickly when exposed to heat, sparks, or flames. Therefore, one of the methods is to store them in a designated flammable storage cabinet that meets the flammable storage cabinet regulations in Ontario. These cabinets are specially designed to protect flammable liquids from ignition sources, such as electrical equipment or open flames.

Moreover, flammable liquids should be stored in a well-ventilated area that is away from any heat sources or ignition sources. This will reduce the risk of fire or explosion due to the accumulation of flammable liquids in a confined space.

Chemical Reactions

When storing flammable liquids, it’s crucial to ensure that the storage area is designed and maintained for safe flammable liquids storage. Flammable liquids should be stored away from incompatible chemicals and strong oxidizing agents, and workers must receive proper training and information on the safe handling of these chemicals to prevent fires and explosions.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are another overlooked cause of workplace fires. Electrical equipment, such as faulty wiring or overheated machines, can generate heat or sparks that can ignite flammable liquids or other flammable materials nearby. To prevent electrical hazards, it is essential to ensure that electrical equipment is installed in accordance with the hazardous location classification drawing.

So, What’s Next?

Flammable liquid safety is crucial in preventing workplace fires. By addressing the overlooked causes of workplace fires related to flammable liquids, businesses can protect their employees and assets from costly damages and liabilities.

Additionally, implementing strict policies and guidelines, maintaining electrical equipment, and prohibiting smoking and open flames in areas where flammable liquids are present can also prevent workplace fires. By taking these preventive measures, businesses can create a safer work environment and promote a culture of safety.

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