Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses and Programs Ontario

Occupational Health and Safety Outsourcing with SAFE Engineering and Fasken LLP - Umbrella Protection for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

SAFE Engineering Inc., Canada’s Leading Safety Compliance System Integration Company, is now working closely with Fasken LLP to provide Occupational Health and Safety management outsourcing for substantial financial savings and mitigation of business and personal liabilities.

SAFE/Fasken can provide manufacturing organizations with Umbrella protection. By being able to demonstrate due diligence on the Capital Equipment Engineering side of safety and on the Occupational Health and Safety Management documentation/communication side, we have you covered. You are covered by an Umbrella of due diligence against MOL prosecutions, business disruption and business and personal liabilities and substantial fines.

SAFE Engineering/Fasken provides the best technical and legal experts in Canada who offer Occupational health and safety programs in Ontario that immediately improve profitability, reduce liabilities and create a long-term sustainable competitive advantage for manufacturers.

Outsourcing not only provides umbrella protection but is immediately accretive to earnings through lower OHSMS operating cost and increased operational efficiency and decreased WSIB NEER premiums.

The process necessarily begins with a detailed gaps analysis for OHSMS (Occupational health and safety management system) and building/equipment compliance.

This Gap Analysis represents a concrete first step in developing an effective OHS management system to manage OHS in a manufacturing operation and to ensure that all reasonable precautions are being taken to protect the health and safety of workers.

The Gap Analysis report can be both privileged and confidential since it addresses issues that may be related to legislative and regulatory compliance with the OHSA and regulation 851 and potential legal liability under the OHSA and regulation 851.

The GAPs are then expertly addressed through customized bespoke design. The necessary capital equipment changes are consultatively designed with your people working with our experts. Occupational health and safety courses are brainstormed and tailored to fit using lean manufacturing principles. In this way human error, procedural mistakes and waste are reduced. Operational efficiency, quality and on-time delivery are enhanced.

The necessary Occupational health and safety training, support and documentation are developed to close the OHS management system’s gaps. Once completed, these changes will improve the level of due diligence demonstrated by the organization’s senior management in risk identification and assessment.

The completion of the Gap Analysis, in particular, will support eliminating hazards, documenting Occupational health and safety programs and auditing their OHS management system.

In the event of a serious accident and OHS prosecution, due diligence is the only defense available to excuse an organization or individual from culpable conduct. An investment in due diligence initiatives can be an excellent opportunity to mitigate future legal liability.


Once the OHS management system gaps are addressed, SAFE/Fasken can provide cost effective, long term maintenance of the OHS management system through expert engineering and legal professionals. This will include regular meetings, training sessions, orientation of new employees, audits and compliance assessments for newly purchased equipment, regular technical plant inspections and safety components stores management. The maintenance phase also includes emergency or contingency services such as legal consultations, engineering forensic discovery and accident investigation services.