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22 11, 2023

Molten Metal Safety: Best Practices for Foundries and Metalworking Facilities

By admin|PSR|

It is essential to prioritize workplace health and safety in Ontario, especially in foundries and metalworking facilities, because of their challenging and hazardous environments. These work settings involve handling molten metal regularly, posing unique challenges that require a comprehensive safety approach. This includes strict adherence to safety regulations and implementing a robust health and safety [...]

By admin|PSR|
19 04, 2022

Why Is Safety Consulting Beneficial for the Workspace?

By admin|Workplace Safety|

You need to hire experienced workers in your company to have a successful business. These employees must have the right tools to thrive and achieve their goals. None of these aspects will matter if they don’t have a safe place to work in. Workplace safety is essential. It can maintain wellness and promote productivity and [...]

7 09, 2021

How to Bring Safety Issues to Your Employees’ Attention

By admin|Workplace Safety|

Especially for warehouses, factories, plants, and production facilities, safety is paramount. To protect both workers and outside visitors, you’ll need to establish good internal communication and implement a health and safety program. Establishing a Safe and Positive Work Environment You want your managers to have an open-door policy. That way, employees feel comfortable addressing anything [...]

10 05, 2021

What Are Some Vigilance Tips for Safety in Confined Spaces?

By admin|Workplace Safety|

Although companies worry about employees who work in tight spaces as part of their regular tasks, it’s necessary for many industries. The biggest challenge is to provide these workers with optimal protection. This is where a solid program for workplace health and safety in Ontario comes into play. Rather than take unnecessary risks, implementing a [...]

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