The Handling and Storing of Flammable Liquids at the Workplace

Many industries deal with potentially dangerous flammable liquids on a daily basis, addition to machines and equipment. It is imperative to handle and store flammable liquids correctly in the workplace, to avoid placing workers, outside visitors and property at risk.

There are strict laws in place for businesses handling and storing flammable materials, although rules may vary based on the type of liquid being handled or stored.  Therefore, if you are not in compliant with the rules and regulations of the law businesses can be shut down with hefty fines

One of the key aspects for businesses to succeed when handling hazardous materials is extensive training and education.  Understanding the potential dangers, following practical safety procedures and guidelines such as: reading labels and proper storage methods can prevent or decrease the number of accidents in the workplace. Simple necessary, but, precautionary steps can save a life.

There are numerous health hazards that can occur when handling flammable liquid. The degree of hazard depends on the concentration of the chemical(s). However, the biggest hazard comes from a fire or an explosion. Flammable liquids should be stored in a specifically designed storage room or in a flammable cabinet.

Professional Solutions

To feel 100 percent confident that your business is safe from the risks associated with liquids that are categorized as flammable, you can always turn to the experts at S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. As Canada’s leading Safety Compliance Systems Integration Company, we offer safety compliance solutions. For more information or to speak with a company representative, we invite you to contact us today.

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