Typical Acquisition Specification

Special Requirements

All equipment supplied by (name of supplier) is required to be certified for compliance with current and applicable safety standards by:

2175 Sheppard Avenue East,
Suite 250,
Toronto, Ontario.
M2J 1W8

Attention : Simon Fridlyand, P. Eng.

Tel: (416) 447-9757 Ext. 223
Fax: (416) 447-0091
Website: www.safeengineering.ca
Email: simonf@safeengineering.ca

(Name of supplier) shall make contact with the above authority and provide the necessary documentation (such as electrical layouts and equipment layouts showing guarding and safety features, etc.). Please contact the above for details.

(Name of purchaser) requests that (name of supplier) provide a written document showing that the equipment design has been approved by S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. prior to the equipment being shipped.

(Name of supplier) to bear the cost associated with the certification of the equipment by S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. and the changes necessary for the equipment to comply with current and applicable safety standards.

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