What Are the Responsibilities of the Management to Promote Health and Safety in a Workplace?

Creating a healthy and safe workplace means having an effective, efficient and updated program in place. It is a two-way street, a management that is committed to making the program work and employees involved in all aspects of the workplace health and safety program.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain workplace health and safety in Ontario. If you have a program in place you can focus your efforts in improving the work environment and keeping your people safe by avoiding injuries and illnesses at a workplace. Here are some ways you can promote programs to make a safe workplace.

1) Ensure policies are in place. First and foremost, you must ensure that there is a health and safety program or policies in the workplace. In Ontario, workplace health and safety policies and program can go a long way to improve safety, productivity, increase employee efficiency and save time and money.

2) Identify and control hazards. In order to control hazards in a workplace one must first identify them. Have equipment compliance audit conducted by professional consultants like SAFE Engineering who can help identify hazards in a workplace. These professionals can design solutions have equipment compliance audit to eliminate hazards in a workplace.

3) Train and involve employees. As we mentioned earlier, maintaining workplace health and safety in Ontario is a two-way street. Employee participation is extremely important if you want to make the program a success. General safety orientations, safety regulations and emergency training, specific training on hazards etc. should be given to employees on a regular basis. Encouraging employees to wear all safety equipment and ensuring their coworkers wear it as well would be another way to encourage employee involvement.

4) Continually improve your health and safety program. Staying updated by regularly performing a review, seeking help of safety consultants and professionals etc. can help you keep a safe and healthy workplace environment. Consultants like SAFE Engineering will help you to build safe work environment, build strong bonds, and develop viable compliance solutions and strategies to stay on top of your program.

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