What is Owner’s Engineer?

What is Owner’s Engineer
The law in Ontario required that employers and supervisor “Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances“ to protect workers under their employ.

But what is Reasonable? Reasonable to whom? Based on What? I’m a good guy am I not reasonable?

There is precedent for what is reasonable. What is reasonable has a legal definition.

Reasonable, is what is reasonable to your industry peers.

Industry peers periodically form groups and committees to examine, critique and update our technical safety standards. Compliance to these Technical safety standards is what is reasonable. It is considered Technical Due Diligence. Compliance with Technical Safety standards represents the “Best Engineering Practice.”

When should this Technical Due diligence be exercised?

  1. When purchasing new Equipment and processes.
  2. When plan relocation and consolidation occurs.
  3. Before mergers and Acquisitions are undertaken.

The lack of Technical Due Diligence can Cause:

  1. Personal and Corporate Liabilities
  2. Massive cost overruns from Change Orders
  3. Delays for Government Authorities

An “Owner’s Engineer I as professional engineering firm that understands the Technical standards and their application to you workplace. An Owner’s Engineer guaranties that employers and supervisors achieve Technical Due Diligence.

The Owner’s Engineering advocates and for and protects the Owner’s business Interests.

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