What to Expect from an Inspection for Machine Guarding in Ontario

Machine Guarding in Ontario is a required practice to prevent serious injury to workers in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, companies must adhere to the strict rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of workers.

Any mechanical system whether it cuts, bores, drills, and shape work pieces, requires machine-guarding policy.  If a worker sustains an injury, the business can suffer significant downtime in production, higher insurance rate, hefty compliance fine and legal liability.

There is no way to overstate the importance of machine guarding. If you are not sure which equipment or machinery needs a guard, you should contact a reputable firm that provides engineering services. The expert will assess the different machinery being use and recommend the necessary steps.

Seeking Professional Assistance

For a professional assessment of your business, we can help. At S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc., we offer on-site audits, project management, training, and a host of other services to ensure the safety and functionality of your business. For more information about our company and the various services that we offer, call us today or check us out online.

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