Why Do Ontario Manufacturers Need an Owner’s Engineering Firm?

What Is an Owner’s Engineering Firm?

An Owner’s Engineering Firm is a group of Safety Consultants that know and understand the technical safety standards and their application to your workplace. The Owner’s Engineering Firm ensures that their clients achieve technical due diligence. The Owner’s Engineer advocates for and protects the business interests of the owner.

Composed of Many Safety Consultant Engineering Disciplines

Several engineering disciplines are needed to understand our Technical Safety Standards. Machine guarding safety standards requires skills and/or experience in Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and often Pneumatics applications. Safety prevention of explosions requires training and or expertise in Fire Codes and Building Codes. Structural engineering expertise in explosion relief is also required.

When Is an Owner’s Engineering Firm Required?

An Owner’ engineering firm is required:

When purchasing new Equipment and Processes

1. When plant Relocation and Consolidation occurs

2. Before Mergers and Acquisitions are untaken

What are the consequences of not using these Safety Consultants?

1. Substantial Personal and Corporate Liabilities

2. Massive cost overruns from Change Orders

3. Delays from Government Authorities

Where Do I Find and How Do I Select These Safety Consultant in Toronto?

It is relatively easy to find Safety Consultants in the Toronto area. They are listed on the internet and on various social media sites. They have web pages describing what they do.

They are not, however, created equal. Not all of them have the same structure and capabilities. As a minimum requirement demand proof of the following:

1. The Safety Consulting Engineers must be Professional Engineers, registered in the province of Ontario.
2. Must have a certificate of authorization, issued be the PEO
3. Must have at least 5 years’ experience in their field.
4. Must have at least $5 million in General and Professional Liability Insurance
5. Must have WSIB Clearance
6. Must be able to provide P. Eng. Stamped design drawings for safety system solutions.

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