Why Is It Necessary to Invest in a Quality Machine Guarding?

When it comes to running a production facility, speed, efficiency, and quality are vital. You need equipment you can rely on to quickly and accurately help roll out products. But not only must this equipment work effectively, but it also must be safe to operate. Part of this involves your employees and how careful and knowledgeable they work on the machines. You also need to have the proper safety features in place to ensure everyone’s well-being. This is where machine guarding assessments come into play. When you implement the right guarding, you can have peace of mind.

Prevent Serious Injuries or Death

No matter what type of job a person has, injuries are possible. However, more serious injuries are more common in environments using heavy machinery. More specifically, machines with moving parts have the potential to hurt workers or even result in death. Industrial machine guarding can minimize these risks. Putting fencing and other barriers around such machines can reduce the chances of the equipment compressing or catching the employee. The guarding should have access to the machine through a locked gate or similar entry. This way, only a trained person with proper access can get close to the machine.

Machine Guarding in Ontario Complies With the Law

Putting up guarding around industrial equipment makes a lot of sense for safety’s sake. It’s also against the law not to have it. Machines with moving parts and rotating components must have machine guarding. Violating this law will result in penalties. Managers and supervisors who do not enforce this safety measure will be liable for deaths or injuries.

Helps Boost Production and Accuracy

Industrial machine guarding is also an effective way to ensure quality work. Without guarding around machinery, it would be easy to bump against it. This could result in pressing the wrong buttons or activating levers at the wrong time. It cuts down on the chances of accidental operation as well.

Helps Put Customers at Ease

If your business is like many others, you probably have clients and visitors coming into your facility. Customers or partners may come in for a tour or simply to check out your day-to-day work. Machine guarding will make sure that these people don’t get close enough to the equipment to suffer an injury. You can rest assured that they won’t hinder the operations of the machinery either. These will help the visitors to your workplace feel better too.

Increase the Safety in Your Facility Today

Now is the right time to do some machine guarding assessments. You can hire a professional to walk through your workplace and identify whether your equipment is safe. Call us today at S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. to equip your machinery with the right guarding.

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