Workplace Safety Measures for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is more automated that most industries. Global competition and ever increasing quality standards have driven innovation and automation ahead of most other manufacturing sectors. This intense automation has created demands on automotive manufacturer to incorporate efficient safety stations into their highly automated manufacturing processes. These processes are characterized by complex automated robotic systems with a multitude of hazardous motions.

If this is not enough, the automotive industry is very dynamic. Every year new equipment replaces the old, as automotive designs change to meet shifting consumer and regulatory demands. Significant machinery and safety system changes must be made frequently, quickly and correctly.

To satisfy these safety requirements requires close Collaboration and Partnership between the Automotive Manufacturer, the equipment OEM and Safety Engineering Professionals. The WHAT, WHEN, WHO and HOW of Workplace compliance must be planned for and resourced.

WHAT- Compliance is designed into the machine and approved by the Safety Engineering Professionals as compliant before design and building begins.

WHEN- Long before equipment Design. Built into the Purchasing Contract for the machinery. Only compliant machinery is paid for by the automotive manufacturer.

WHO- qualified Safety Engineering Professional with adequate Liability Insurance and Design /Build experience working closely with OEMs and the Automotive Manufacturers Engineering group.

HOW Proactively and Consultatively so that compliant safety solutions can be developed and approved before OEM Design and/or on the automotive plant production floor during set up.

All partners must work in the best interest of the customer – the automotive manufacturer.

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