3 Rights of Canadian Workers to Ensuring a Safe Work Environment?

On the job, there are many issues to keep in mind and focus on. Employees need to have the right skills and experience for specific duties. They also need to have the correct tools to accomplish the work effectively. Ultimately, however, nothing should ever compromise a person’s safety. Employees’ safety and well-being at work is most critical. Fortunately, when it comes to Ontario workplace health and safety, workers have rights. As an employee or a business owner, it is important to know what these rights are.

The Right to Know About Health and Safety Issues

Some industries and workplaces have more health and safety hazards than others. Manufacturing, construction, and other jobs that work with machinery and chemicals have risks. But virtually any type of job has some possible safety concerns. Employees need to know what these are. A health and safety program at work should identify these.

Employers must educate workers about any possible hazards. They can do this through proper training, instructions, and the posting of information on signs.

Employees should know how to use certain equipment. Only those who have the proper training to operate items should do so. There should also be established emergency procedures and incident reporting. It is also good for employees to know how to do first aid. Make sure to have safety data sheets and product labels for everything employees use on the job.

The Right to Participate in Workplace Health and Safety in Ontario

Another right that employees have is to be a part of decision making when it comes to safety. Your workplace, for example, should have a safety committee. Anyone should be able to participate on this committee. Here, employees can help establish safety and health guidelines.

Employees also need to feel empowered to report issues that they see at work. These could include concerns that could result in injuries.

The Right to Refuse

Another crucial right is the right to refuse to work in an unsafe environment. Ontario workplace health and safety says employees don’t have to work when they believe their safety is in question. This does not mean that employees and managers should not work to solve health and safety risks.

But if there is a situation where the person feels unsafe, he or she can refuse to take part. Employees who exercise this right must do so formally and clearly. A person should not do so casually and without a valid reason.

Protect Yourself, Know About Workplace Safety

If your company does not have a health and safety program, now is the time to start. You want everyone to feel safe and comfortable while on the job. To learn more and to establish a safer environment, the team at S.A.F.E. Engineering can help. Contact us today.

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