An Overview of Standard Machine Guarding

Most consumer goods and various manufacturing processes have one thing in common. They both involve the use of machinery. Today, machines can do almost anything. Many boast automation, they can create intricately detailed components, and they yield precision finished products. However, for optimal safety during operation, most industries rely on machine guarding services.

Even with high-tech features and hands-off operation, there is no such thing as being too careful around machinery. This is where industrial machine guarding comes into play. This machine safety feature goes on or around different types of equipment used for engineering and manufacturing. Ultimately, it creates a protective barrier between the operator and the machine.

However, these guards do more than just prevent an operator from coming into contact with equipment. They also prevent injuries caused by flying spars or debris. The only real challenge is that some workers feel the guards get in the way of them doing their job effectively. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by turning to a trusted source for machine guarding in Ontario.

One important note – many standard machines must have guards in place. It is a law in both the U.S. and Canada to prevent accidents that could cause serious injury or even death.

Different Types of Industrial Machine Guarding

Machine guarding falls into one of four categories.

1. Fixed – As implied, this type of guard installs directly on a machine. Depending on the equipment, it could also come preinstalled. Often, when a business has a new machine delivered, one without a guard, it will contact a reputable source for machine guarding services. That allows an expert to put the guard on before anyone operates the equipment.

2. Interlocked – In this case, the guard works to disengage the machine automatically any time there is a trigger on the tripping mechanism. Based on how a professional install the industrial safety guard, it could turn off just the machine or shut down all power.

3. Adjustable – There are even adjustable industrial machine guarding options. That means a technician can adjust the guard based on several factors, such as the type of stock used. Often, machine guarding companies that provide services for machine guarding in Ontario recommends this for multi-function equipment.

4. Self-adjusting – With this particular guard, the protective barrier adjusts automatically based on the stock in the machine.

Remember, industrial machine guarding should remain in place at all times, if possible. The only occasions that someone might remove it is for maintenance but only after disabling the equipment.

Your Most Trusted Source for Machine Guarding in Ontario

For machine guards, as well as a host of other products that enhance both health and safety in the workplace, contact us at S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. One of our representatives will gladly assess your needs and then make the appropriate recommendation based on their findings.

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