Occupational Health & Safety Legislation — What’s new?

When a person looks for a place to work, there are many crucial elements to consider. The prospective employee wants to do something he or she can enjoy and excel in. But perhaps most critically, the individual needs to know that this environment will be safe. Workers should know that even if there are serious health and safety risks, measures of protection are in place. The person should also have adequate training and warnings to ensure that safety will prevail. Business owners should have a pre-start health and safety review, among other crucial regulations. Fortunately, when it comes to safety at work, there are frequent updates in legislation. These are matters that the officials take seriously. Leaders want to make sure that business owners are looking out for the best interests of their employees. Profits and production should never compromise safety.

An Overview of a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review

Legislation has recently centered on the idea of a pre-start review in industries and businesses. These are typical in factories and other manufacturing and production facilities. The reviews should take place before you install new equipment or machinery or before you implement new processes. Known as a PSR for short, these reviews explain in-depth what the machine or process does or intends to accomplish. A qualified, responsible employee should document this information. Then, the person should make the PSR available to anyone at any time.

When Your Business Needs a PSR

Not all situations require PSR or a pre-start health and safety review. A PHSR in Ontario businesses is essential when workers manufacture and produce goods or products. It will be necessary when you have an assembly line to make these materials. If you use machinery and other equipment in warehouses, you will need this review. You should have one in place if your facility maintains transportation vehicles, such as airplanes, trains, or buses.

When to Do a Pre-Start Review

Many business owners are curious about when to conduct a PSR. You need to do one when a process you use starts to incorporate new structures, protective elements, or components. Also, if you modify or enhance any of these, you will need a PSR. If you add new engineering controls or modify any existing ones, plan on conducting a PSR. Be aware that these must be in writing and available to anyone in your facility.

Legislation is mandating that you have a pre-start health and safety review in your business and facility in certain situations. You need to know what these are and how to conduct the PSR. Commit to understanding these issues and guidelines starting today by talking to the team at S.A.F.E. Engineering, Inc Doing so can improve the health and safety of your employees.

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