Machine Safety Myths That Need Debunking

Any misconceptions regarding machine safety can impact your business negatively. Ignoring safety protocols affects not only operational efficiency but also your reputation. There’s also the rising cost of penalties when a machine is non-compliant.

A machine safety specialist can help you face these issues head-on. Such experts have the engineering expertise to ensure your machines meet compliance. They’re well aware of the latest safety regulations for modern machinery.

Learn about common myths about machine safety and prevent further disasters from happening at your workplace.

Machine Safety is a One-Time Necessity

There is no such thing as “one-time maintenance.” Machines require consistent maintenance, scheduled at regular intervals, to function at their best. You should be ready for extensive breakdowns and debris, especially if the machinery is consistently in use.
This alone is reason enough for machines to need evaluation at periodic intervals. This can prevent any event from impacting equipment performance. Getting your machines inspected will also prevent workplace injuries and fatalities.

Older Machines Are Exempt from Current Standards

A machine’s manufacturing date has no relation to its upkeep. Even older machinery must uphold current standards. There are no grandfather clauses that allow companies to operate machines without guards. Such safety protocols apply to both traditional and automated machinery.

New Machines Don’t Need Inspection or Evaluation

Manufacturers are not solely responsible for compliance. Companies share this responsibility just as much. For this reason, it’s important to conduct risk assessments and integrate machine guarding as a safety requirement. As such, both old and new machinery at your facility must regularly undergo maintenance for safety and compliance.

Safety Requirements Only Apply to an Electrical Source

Though electrocution is a known hazard, you should safeguard your machines regardless of the energy source. Workplace injuries can happen with any equipment, from a machine to its moving part. This makes machine guarding applicable to every type of energy source.

Safety Training Trumps Engineering Control

Engineering controls are integral to maintaining a safe and functional workplace. Even a fully-trained staff can’t prevent a hazard from happening. While safety training helps mitigate risk, it can’t shield employees from a head-on collision. Machine guarding alone ensures your employees are not at risk for any mishap.

Reliable Machine Safety Consulting Services

Even with all resources at hand, many companies fail to execute and sustain a machine safety program. If you’re looking for machine safety risk consultants, S.A.F.E Engineering is your best bet. To learn more about machine safety applications, speak to an expert.

We can help you mitigate potential risks associated with machines and their moving parts. Our machine safety specialist can also offer training on machine guarding and safety regulations to your in-house staff.

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