Essential Steps to Bring Your Equipment into Compliance.

Equipment Compliance should culminate in a PHSR or PSR that indicates no disclaimers, that the equipment is compliant to current applicable safety standards.

In Ontario, the PSR represents Technical Due Diligence that protects workers, management and the organization itself. Easy to say, but how do we get there? What are the Due Diligence steps?

  • PSR at Purchasing-When Purchasing New Equipment ensure that the OEM is contractually committed to supplying a compliant machine.
  • PSR Provider in your Corner- Ensure that the OEM’s safety system designs are scrutinized by knowledgeable Professional, and that they are working in your (not the OEMs) best business interests.
  • PSR Provider Qualification Ensure the Professionals looking after your best interests are qualified and have the in-house expertise to not only find compliance issues but also, design compliant and efficient safety solutions. Qualify that they have this expertise.
  • PSR before Payment not After – Ensure that all safety system drawings are reviewed and approved and a positive PSR is delivered before issuing the final payment for the equipment. The PSR must cover more than the minimum. It must include E-stops as well as mechanical Guarding solutions.
  • PSR Plus More- Do not forget that ESA compliance is required and that Lock out Tag out and safety system training are required for compliance to the standard.

PSR Ontario

Qualification of your hired Safety Professionals is key. It is important to ask if they have experience in Auditing, Designing and Building Safety System Solutions. Does their Liability Insurance cover Safety System Design Drawing’s development? Ask for and check their references.

With these steps, the PSR Ontario requirement will protect workers; management and the organization itself form needless disruption and liabilities.

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