The Process of Pre-Start Health and Safety Review for Existing Equipment

Stage 1- Identify any existing equipment or processes that involve machine guarding, automation, flammable liquids, hazardous substances, dust collection, racking & stacking, potentially explosive processes and molten metal that have not had a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review conducted in the past.

Stage 2-Select a Safety Engineering firm partner to ensure that your existing equipment/process are designed to be compliant to the current and applicable Standards in Ontario. Selection is based on criteria such as:

  • Having Professional Engineers in all disciplines such and Mechanical, Electrical, Fire code and Explosion, Structural etc.
  • Having the ability to Design Safety Solutions if deficiencies are found.
  • Having the ability to provide the Safety System Upgrades if required.
  • Having proper ($5 Million) amounts of General and ($3 Million) in Professional Liability Insurance & WSIB

Stage 3-Have your Safety Engineering firm audit the equipment against the Current Applicable Safety Standards. This audit must include a Hazard Analysis, a review drawings and a list of recommendations.

Stage 4-Take the first important steps to eliminate the Identified Hazards by having your Safety Engineering firm develop Design Drawings of the Safety Solution. The safety solution must be developed in consultation with operators and maintenance. The design drawings must be complete with a detailed Bill of Materials List and be signed and sealed by fully insured Ontario Professional Engineers.

Stage 5- To ensure Lowest Cost on the project have the Safety Engineering firm collect competitive, supply and install quotes from qualified contractors. All contractors to bid on the design drawings and approved Bill of Materials (no deviation or substitutions).

Stage 6- Your Safety Engineering firm will present the supply and install proposals to you. Your Safety Engineering firm will offer to manage the project depending on the size, scale and complexity.

Stage 7- Upon completion of the installation, your Safety Engineering firm visits the plant and reviews the safety system function of the equipment or process to ensure compliance recommendations have been implemented.

Stage 8- A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Report is prepared and delivered to the client. It must in include a written description of the Safety System Upgrade(s), and come together with the signed/ sealed Safety System Design Drawings. The report shall not contain any liability disclaimers and be signed, sealed and dated by all Professional Engineer Team members.

This is a Proactive Common sense approach to the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Process.

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