4 Changes That Streamline the Process of Pre-Start Review

When it comes to using machinery and equipment, nothing is more important than staying safe. Even seemingly harmless devices can cause injuries to operators and other people. To reduce harm and other incidents, employees should follow certain regulations. These requirements also help to ensure efficiency in the workplace. A pre-start health and safety review can promote health and safety at work as well as good morale. Recently, modifications have come to these reviews.

Why the Ministry of Labour Has Pre-Start Health and Safety Requirements

Unfortunately, workplace injuries and even deaths can occur to employees on the job. These incidents are more common in environments where there is heavy machinery and equipment. When the correct training is in place, employees face much fewer risks to their health and safety. The Canadian Ministry of Labour requires that companies put pre-start reviews in place to protect people at work. The Ministry of Labour ensures that companies have fair, healthy, and inclusive work conditions. The ministry plays a crucial part in ensuring that companies and people follow established guidelines.

Modifications to When Reviews Are Necessary

To guide employees through a pre-start health and safety review, the Ministry of Labour provides clarity. Employees can refer to a table that states when a review is necessary. There are now eight situations where workers must do a safety review. A recent change lists an exemption to each of these requirements when applicable.

Changes to Storing Flammables

Not only does equipment pose safety risks, but there can be safety issues with storage. In particular, companies need to follow a pre-start health and safety review when there are flammable materials on the site. Proper storage is essential in these circumstances. Failing to comply with safety reviews with flammables can result in bodily harm and catastrophic damage.
A recent modification to health and safety reviews gives an exemption for storing flammables. The exemption is applicable if there are no more than 235 liters of flammable liquids stored per storage cabinet. There can also be an exemption if there are at least 30 meters between each storage group. Also, if there are no more than three cabinets of flammable liquids, the exemption applies.

Worker Exposure Issues

Another change relates to employees’ exposure to hazards. Now, there are pre-start health and safety exemptions in certain conditions for employees. This exemption applies to using ventilation filtration systems that do not exhaust to the outdoors.

Changes to Flowcharts

For employees’ safety, the Ministry of Labour has modified its flowcharts for certain pre-start health and safety items. This provides more clarity and understanding for employees.

Keeping You Safe at Work

The pre-start up safety review is a crucial process. Recent changes make this even more effective. Call S.A.F.E. Engineering today to implement these modifications in your workplace.

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