Ensuring Workplace Safety With a PHSR Checklist

Owning a business comes with tremendous responsibility. Whether a small family-owned operation or a large corporation with a board of directors, the goal is to create a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. However, that doesn’t occur by happenstance. For smart business owners, it starts with having a pre-start up safety review performed.

What Is the PHSR Used in Ontario?

PHSR is the acronym for a pre-start health and safety review. In 2000, the Canadian government mandated all businesses to have this type of review done when installing or modifying new or used processes or equipment in a new or existing workplace.

Many companies violate the regulations without realizing it. As a result, some businesses aren’t compliant with current health and safety standards for their specific industry. That puts their entire operations at risk. However, not having a pre-start up safety review done as outlined can do even more damage. It also puts employees, contractors, and perhaps even visitors at risk for illness or injury.

Here are just a few examples of what a PHSR for Ontario companies entails.

  • Machine safeguarding
  • Industrial robots and robotic systems safety requirements
  • Construction, care, and use of machine tools safety requirements
  • Printing press systems, binding and finishing systems, and stand-alone platen presses safety standards
  • Construction, testing, and validation safety requirements
  • Principles of risk assessment for machinery safety
  • Establishing safety distances for machinery

Considering how detailed a pre-start health and safety review is, it’s relatively common for business owners to feel completely confused and overwhelmed. However, all they need to do is rely on a professional company to perform the review. That way, everything gets done correctly. The expert can also answer questions and provide critical information that further enhances workplace health and safety.

Requesting a PHSR for an Ontario Business

Requesting a pre-start up safety review is relatively straightforward. It begins with a business representative providing the company they want to perform the review with pertinent information. That includes details about the new or modified equipment or process. For equipment, this would include the machine’s model, serial number, and mechanical layout. Most firms prefer to see photos of the equipment.

In a couple of days, a consultant from the firm that would perform the pre-start health and safety review will provide a quotation for the service. From there, the process moves in three phases. First is the design review, then a preliminary assessment, and third, the final review of the new or modified equipment or process. If everything goes well, the business can begin production.

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

When it comes to a PHSR for Ontario businesses, S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. is a trusted source. With years of experience providing safety consulting and other critical services, we work with customers to ensure they maintain a safe work environment. For a free quote, contact us today.

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