Frequently Asked Questions Regarding a PSR

In Canada, the Ministry of Labor establishes and enforces specific rules and regulations for businesses. One of these is a PSR. The problem is that some companies are not sure what this is, whether they need one, and how it would benefit them. Below are some of the questions asked most often about a PSR or pre-startup safety review for clarification.

What Is a Pre-startup Safety Review?

Pre-start health and safety is an inspection and technical review. It focuses primarily on material handling equipment, industrial shelving, and pallet rack storage units. Beyond that, it covers other operations associated with manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities.

After any of these get modified, but before using or operating them, a business needs a PSR. This confirms three specific things:

  1. Modifications align with current and approved design standards.
  2. The business has new procedures in place for any modifications.
  3. Operators completed adequate training.

The purpose of a pre-start up safety review is to ensure that businesses remain compliant with Canada’s mandated health and safety standards. That way, employees have a healthy and safe work environment.

What Industries Need a PSR?

Considering the list is quite lengthy, business owners can visit the Ministry of Labor’s website for additional information. However, here are just a few examples of the industries that would need to be pre-start health and safety compliant.

  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fulfillment
  • Retail Distribution
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Paper and wood milling

How Does a Business Achieve Pre-startup Safety Review Compliance?

For this, a business would utilize the services of a company that specializes in inspections and technical reviews. Only licensed engineers can perform this work. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge required to make a fair assessment, but they also fully understand current compliance laws.

The process of becoming pre-start health and safety-compliant is quite involved. For this, the engineer would create a written report that details all measures a business needs to take to get equipment and storage units compliant. The report also outlines specific hazards and safety risks, along with recommendations for either maintenance or repair. As for operational processes, an engineer identifies potential issues such as deficiencies.

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of a Pre-startup Safety Review?

Most importantly, it ensures that businesses are compliant with Canadian laws. This inspection also allows a licensed engineer to identify a potential problem or risk before disaster strikes. That creates a healthier and safer work environment that bolsters employee morale. A PSR also prevents operational delays, which could prove costly.

Is There Anything Excluded in a Pre-startup Safety Review?

For the most part, a PSR is all-inclusive pertaining to the subjects mentioned above. However, after a business becomes PSR-compliant, ongoing responsibility for health and safety falls back on the company’s management team.

Superior and Cost-effective Service

If your company modified a piece of equipment or storage solutions, contact us at S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. Our team of licensed engineers will gladly perform the necessary assessment to ensure your business is 100 percent PSR-compliant.

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