Health and Safety Compliant

8 11, 2022

How is a Health and Safety Policy Made & Implemented?

By |Workplace Safety|

An effective health and safety program must include workplace policies that clearly communicate the employer’s commitment to a healthy and safe workforce. But even workplace health and safety policies often need an update, change, or modification authorized by senior management. As a result of industry trends, it’s important to follow the proper procedures to establish [...]

26 08, 2021

A Precise Guide for Handling Flammable Liquids Safely


Unfortunately, Canadian officials discovered startling statistics regarding fire, explosions, and employee injury and death. Recent reports show that of the many commercial fires occurring each year, a significant number of them resulted from ignited combustible or flammable liquids. This is a stark reminder of why it’s so critical to have a solid plan in place [...]

10 06, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding a PSR

By |PSR|

In Canada, the Ministry of Labor establishes and enforces specific rules and regulations for businesses. One of these is a PSR. The problem is that some companies are not sure what this is, whether they need one, and how it would benefit them. Below are some of the questions asked most often about a PSR [...]

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