How is a Health and Safety Policy Made & Implemented?

An effective health and safety program must include workplace policies that clearly communicate the employer’s commitment to a healthy and safe workforce.
But even workplace health and safety policies often need an update, change, or modification authorized by senior management. As a result of industry trends, it’s important to follow the proper procedures to establish and enforce such policies.
In this article, we will discuss how you can effectively construct and implement health and safety policies in the workplace.

Develop, Implement, and Enforce Health and Safety Policies in the Workplace

Canadian Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires employers to maintain an effective health and safety program. This is essential to ensuring safe working conditions for all areas, equipment, and processes used in the workplace.
You can also address changes in your occupational health and safety policy by consulting an expert in workplace health and safety.

What are the key features of an effective workplace health and safety program?

The occupational health and safety policy must specify the responsibilities of the employer and their employees. Such policies mandate an entire workforce or organization to commit to workplace safety standards.
An effective workplace health and safety policy is also valued by all when the management shows commitment through policy training. Employees in the organization must also maintain clear and open communication to identify safety gaps.
Additionally, employees must show equal participation in all aspects of policy-making and implementation. You can reward safety performance by encouraging employees to report injuries and share medical reports.

What should workplace health and safety policies include?

  • A structured process indicating the impact of health and safety policies in daily work activities and other areas of focus
  • A statement reflecting the employer’s responsibilities and necessary precautions to address and prevent illness or injury
  • A clear commitment toward addressing the training needs of workers and supplying them with proper materials and practices
  • A statement demonstrating how employers and employees will communicate and operate at all levels of the organization

How do I implement health and safety policies in the workplace?

Implementing workplace health and safety protocols can be difficult. Below are a few good practices for ensuring the proper implementation of these guidelines.

  • Ensure that the entire workforce, including maintenance staff, is aware of safety policies and protocols in the workplace.
  • Involve as many employees in policy development and implementation, taking their feedback on safety performance.
  • Educate your workforce on their roles and responsibilities for a safe, responsive, and healthy work environment.

Need Help Constructing and Implementing Safety Policies?

There are many key elements to an effective workplace health and safety program and its policies. They commit your organization to maintaining workplace safety. But even safety policies may need a change or a modification.

Are you looking for expertise in Ontario workplace health and safety? Whether you need to schedule a risk assessment or need help with safety training, we can help.

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