Responsibilities of a PSR Practitioner

Pre-startup safety review works toward safety before the onset of a new process or update. But due to time constraints or budget pressure, you may skip a few key elements of PSR.

A poorly conducted PSR can cause major issues, which is often a result of negligence. To avoid common PSR oversights, you need the help of an expert. Here’s what you can expect from a reliable PSR practitioner.

Understanding the Basics

A pre-startup safety review helps address workplace incidents, equipment damage, and employee harm. A well-executed PSR strategy can ensure new or updated processes are:

  • Compliant with standard regulations
  • Designed for safety and efficiency
  • Equipped with maintenance procedures
  • Documented, complete, and accurate
  • Designed to meet operating intent

Responsibilities of a PSR Safety Practitioner

Proper PSR execution should include effective document and change management systems. But not every company is capable of achieving PSR goals. With a reliable and licensed PSR practitioner, you can ensure various processes and documentation are in place.

Such practitioners are familiar with Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. They also understand applicable regulations, MLTSD’s guidelines, and more. They help start-ups preserve control of engineering data changes.

Basic responsibilities of a PSR practitioner include:

  • Ensuring the master data remains up-to-date across dedicated project areas and sectors
  • Creating highly customizable workflows as per your organizational needs and goals
  • Evaluating personnel equipment and safety guidelines for a new or modified facility

Practitioners should also ensure that their clients know the following:

  • A PSR is a legislative requirement of the OSHA that’s different from other occupational inspections.
  • A PSR is a report that states a piece of equipment or structure is safe to use at your site or facility.
  • A PSR concludes the condition of personnel equipment and safety gear by checking for compliance.
  • A PSR evaluates operating procedures, unloading activities, emergency training, and more.

PSR Practitioners also have no administrative control over your processes and protocols. Helping clients rectify areas of non-compliance is an integral part of their job role. They offer solutions to clients who aren’t meeting applicable standards and regulations.

To this end, clients must enforce appropriate safety measures in their workplace. This is because PSR practitioners only check the status of your facility or unit. Their primary focus is to ensure the installation meets the original design.

As a result, they don’t need to return or verify non-compliance once you receive the review.

Do You Need a PSR Safety Review?

If you fail to conduct or follow through with a pre-startup review, your company is sure to face a dilemma. Any new process or modification requires professional evaluation.

Without a proper PSR strategy, your equipment and personnel may suffer from workplace hazards. At S.A.F.E Engineering, we can help keep your business stay safe and compliant.

We can help you follow through with an effective PSR program as per your organizational needs. Our specialists can conduct pre-startup safety reviews for all kinds of projects to systematically review all changes to a design, system, or process. Contact us now!

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