How Health and Safety Programs Strengthen Employees

As someone who works in a provincially regulated businesses in Canada, you have both rights and responsibilities. The same applies to employers. Some of the most important responsibilities of employers involve implementing and enforcing an Ontario workplace health and safety program.

Employer Responsibilities

A program for workplace health and safety in Ontario benefits employees in several ways. In particular, it helps to strengthen them by making them more knowledgeable. However, before addressing how that works, it’s important to understand the responsibilities of employers. These responsibilities cover a broad range of workplace incidents, including fires, slips, falls, infections, illnesses, and more.

In their roles, employers use a health and safety program as an investigative reporting tool. However, they also rely on it for inspections as well as employee empowerment.

Knowledge Equals Strength and Power

In response to employers working to protect everyone in the workplace, employees become stronger and more empowered. They’re equipped with critical information and processes based on workplace health and safety in Ontario. That means employees benefit due to raised awareness and actionable plans.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees have responsibilities in ensuring that an Ontario workplace health and safety program works as well. Workers must become proactive and accountable in preventing health and injury-related issues.

Employee’s Legal Rights

According to current Occupational Heath and Safety Act, employees have these specific rights and responsibilities.

  • The right to know about, participate in, or refuse any work deemed dangerous
  • Responsible for protecting their health and safety along with the health and safety of coworkers

Every health and safety program must align with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. For example, an employer must inform its employees of any known or foreseeable workplace hazards. Along with that knowledge, they have to provide proper instruction, training, and, if required, supervision.

In addition, a program for workplace health and safety in Ontario stresses using appropriate means of communication. That way, everyone receives the same information.

Employees also have the right to access employer or government reports through different committees and representatives.

Creating Stronger Employees

Without question, an Ontario workplace health and safety program makes employees stronger. By reducing or eliminating illness or injury, workers don’t deal with unnecessary mental stress. That allows them to focus on their jobs. As a result, companies see increased morale and production.

Moreover, an enforced health and safety program makes employees stronger by giving them a voice. Instead of staying quiet in fear of retaliation, they can openly report potential problems. That makes employees feel valued and appreciated. This type of environment improves employer-employee relationships and keeps employees highly engaged.

Professional Assistance for a Health and Safety Program

Any organization that needs help with workplace health and safety in Ontario can contact S.A.F.E. Engineering, Inc. We specialize in this field as well as others to make work environments safer for everyone.

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