Understanding the 5 W’s of Pre-start Health & Safety Reviews

According to Section 7 of Canada’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, some companies in Ontario need a professional review. Performed by a qualified engineer, this pertains to industrial structures, protective element processes, and apparatuses. Commonly referred to as a PHSR, this ensures compliance with current health and safety standards.

A Breakdown of the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review

The easiest way to understand a pre-start up safety review is to learn the five W’s … what, who, why, when, and where.

What Is a PHSR?

Think of this as a type of audit. As a prime example, your company installs new equipment or implements a new process. For either scenario, you would need a review done to stay compliant.

Who Performs a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review?

Only a qualified and licensed engineer can do this job. Since it’s quite extensive, the expert must possess in-depth knowledge of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Depending on your operation, more than one engineer might do a PHSR. In that case, each would have expertise in a specific discipline. As an example, one engineer might address a certain type of machinery while another focuses on technical documentation.

Why Is a Pre-Start Up Safety Review Needed?

The primary reason for this is to ensure an Ontario company’s compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act standards. However, there are other viable reasons:

  • This allows the engineer performing a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review to identify potential health and safety risks. Often, they can prevent a minor issue from becoming a big problem. Ultimately, it prevents on-the-job accidents and incidents from occurring.
  • A pre-start up safety review can even save your company money. While going through each step of the audit, the engineer can recommend ways to make processes more efficient.

After completing the review, the engineer will provide you with a detailed report of their findings. However, it’s your responsibility to make any necessary changes.

When Should a Company Have this Review Done?

For this, you should reference the Occupational Health and Safety Act documentation. Specifically, you can look at Section 7 of Regulation 851. One example, storing or dispensing combustible or flammable liquids would warrant a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review. Another example is utilizing stackable structures to store materials.

Where Can Someone Access Additional Information About This Review?

You can choose from one of three excellent sources. That includes visiting the websites of the Ontario Ministry of Labor or Professional Engineers of Ontario. You can also contact S.A.F.E. Engineering, Inc.

Our highly skilled safety consultants work in the Greater Toronto Area. So, if your business needs a pre-start up safety review, we can accommodate. To learn more, give us a call.

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