When Is Pre-Start Health and Safety Audit Required?

In your business, precision, accuracy, and speed are also vital components of success. To produce quality products for your customers, you need skilled workers, good processes, and reliable machinery. If any of these facets are not performing well, your operations will suffer. In addition, the absence of these elements can compromise safety. This is where assessments can benefit your employees and your business. A pre-start up safety review can protect workers and increase the likelihood of successful processes.

An Overview

Regardless of the type of work a person does, there is always the chance of injuries. Of course, in certain environments, injuries are more likely. The severity of the incidents can also increase when the workers are in contact with machinery with moving parts. Because of this, the workers need to have proper training. You also need to ensure that the machinery is working correctly and that you identify any hazards. This is what happens with a pre-start review. Before anyone begins using the machinery, this review must take place.

What It Is and Isn’t

As a manager, you need to be aware of what this review entails and what it does not include. The review comprises a thorough examination of any equipment your employees will regularly use. Any other elements or components with this process should be part of this review. Only qualified, credentialed professionals should conduct pre-start health and safety reviews. After finishing the review, the person should document all findings. The documentation should include any concerns the machinery or components have.

The review is not a job-task analysis. It also should not begin after the installation or design of the machinery or process. Rather, this review should be at the design stage.

When a Pre-Start Up Safety Review Is Necessary

You should be aware of when this review should take place. Not all businesses and processes require it. As you understand when and where this should happen, you can have a safer environment for your employees. You can also have peace of mind knowing that you are complying with laws and regulations.

A pre-start review is only necessary for factories. The definition of a factory may seem vague to some business owners. If your facility has a manufacturing process of goods and services, it is a factory. The same is true if there is machinery and other devices to warehouse products. Factories also include places with an assembly process.

Get Help With Your Pre-Start Health and Safety Review

Don’t let the importance of this review intimidate you. Though it may be crucial for your business, it should not overwhelm you. With the right assistance, you can conduct one in the right way at the right time. Call S.A.F.E. Engineering Inc. to get started.

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